Student Life

Student Fitness Center

A healthy body must go hand-in-hand with a healthy mind. Apart from class-room discussions and case-study analysis sessions, students can come here to informally discuss and deliberate while running on a treadmill or while lifting weights. This fitness center adds to the numerous indoor and outdoor sports facilities that students at SRMBS use to keep themselves active.

Culture Activities

Students of SRMBS organize myriads of cultural programs, blending the gracious old with the buzzing new, and combining tradition with vibrance The cultural panorama is a like a lyrical ballad that unfolds music, art, concerts, exhibitions, and haute couture fashion shows among other things. It is a vast web of interconnected activities, which includes intellectual and creative aspects of society and culture and these serve as a spring board into the real world of experiential cultural interaction. Students of SRMBS through these cultural activities demonstrate professionalism, enthusiasm, devotion, camaraderie, unimaginable productivity, and unbounded creativity.

Health Services

Health is important and routine check-ups can prevent major ailments. All students are registered with the SRM Health Centre. The institute has a fully equipped health care unit on Campus.

SRM Business School

Anti Ragging Cell

Fill the following form to complain regarding ragging. Your details will be confedential.