A. IQAC Roles and Responsibilities

Quality has always been a top priority for SRMBS and has guided all of the organization’s decisions and dealings from its founding. The goal and the effort done to achieve it serve as the foundation for SRMBS’s basic values, which are as follows:

The main duty of IQAC is to start, organise, and manage numerous tasks required to raise the standard of instruction provided at a facility or college.

IQAC Objectives:

IQAC Responsibilities:

IQAC Functions:

IQAC Benefits

IQAC will facilitate / contribute to

B. Roles and Responsibilities of Members of IQAC

1. Responsibilities of Chairperson

2. Responsibilities of Management Representative

3. Responsibilities of Coordinator

4. Responsibilities of Secretary

5. Responsibilities of Quality Assurance Officer

6. Responsibilities of Members

Note : This is to inform all the members that your responsibilities as a member of the IQAC can be terminated or enhanced as per the condition. If your performance as a member of the IQAC has been outstanding, we may enhance your responsibilities by increasing your scope of work or giving you additional tasks. However, if the performance of the IQAC has not been satisfactory, we may have to terminate your role in the IQAC. We thank you for your dedication and hard work