Industry Interaction

Interaction with industry leaders, practitioners and professionals takes several forms at SRM Business School:

Internships: Internship in an organization for a period of 8 to 10 weeks is mandatory for all students.

Incubation Centre: SRM Business School has an active incubation centre to nurture budding entrepreneurs. We strongly believe that it is as important to develop job-creators as it is to develop value-creators for organizations.

Guest Lectures: Leading practitioners interact with students every week.

Industry Visits: Periodical visits are arranged for students to help them gain an understanding of best practices in the real world.

MDPs: over 50 open programs have been conducted during the last two years for managers at all levels and the number of participants has been over 1500.

Seminars and Workshops: These are conducted regularly for academics and practitioners alike. Over 60 seminars and workshops have been conducted during the last two years with participants exceeding 2000.

Consulting: Our faculty members are engaged in helping Indian industry to become more competitive and efficient.

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